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TPN Manager Software System Setup/Customization Overview

System Administration

Patient Types

The TPN Manager Software has been designed to allow the user to set up Patient Types that are appropriate for their patients.  Types may be based upon the age of the patient, the physician, the type of patient, etc.  This screen allows authorized users to the set up these patient type categories.  Required information for each patient type includes:

  • Patient Type Name
  • Age Range
  • Age, weight and height default units
  • Patient Age group (Neonate, Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric)
  • Compounding Order Overfill Warning Limit
  • Peripheral Administration Osmolarity Range
  • Central Administration (including PICC) Osmolarity Range
  • For each electrolyte anion and cation, the associated patient type warning limits (in mEq/L and mEq/kg)
  • Personnel Groups authorized to access these types of Patient Records
  • Allowed Formula templates

The default patient types pre-entered into the TPN Manager Software database are: Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate.

In addition, the TPN Manager Software allows the user facility to establish specific TPN label printing control settings for each patient type.  The print control settings for each patient type can be set independently.  The screen data entry form fields include:

TPN Label Contents:
  • Patient Address, Photograph, and Weight
  • Order ID and facility Order Number/ID
  • IV Pump Programming Barcode
  • Billing Code
  • Physician Name
  • Order Cost, Osmolarity and Refractive Index Value
  • Nitrogen & Calories Ratio
  • Notes on Worksheet or Container Label
  • Nutritional Summary
  • Electrolyte Summary
  • Include Base Component Contribution To Electrolyte Totals
Base Components:
  • How the Amino Acids, Dextrose, Lipids and Other Base Component part of the TPN order will be printed
Additive Solutions:
  • How the Additive Solution part of the TPN order will be printed
Preparation & Expiration:
  • How the Preparation & Expiration information will be printed

Print Settings

This screen allows authorized users to the graphics or text that is to be printed on the Nutrition Labels and User Badges.

Information to be selected includes:

Operator ID Badge:Graphic that is to be printed at the top of the Operator ID Badge label page
TPN Container Label:Graphic that is to be printed on the TPN Container label
TPN Worksheet Label:Graphic that is to be printed on the TPN Worksheet Label
TPN Nutrition Label:Graphic that is to be printed on the TPN Nutrition Label
TPN Piggyback Label:For orders that include a piggyback solution, Graphic that is to be printed on the TPN Piggyback Label
Blank TPN Label:Graphic that is to be printed on all unused (blank) labels on a TPN label page

Fixed Costs

The calculation of TPN Order Cost as calculated by the TPN Manager Software includes two types of components: Fixed and Variable.  The variable costs are those associated with things like cost of solution (per mL) or cost of the Final Container (by size).  These factors are entered into the appropriate solution or container database screens.  Fixed costs are those that may apply to any TPN Order on a one time basis for each solution used irregardless of the associated variable costs.  This screen allows the user to enter an associated Fixed Cost for each Base solution and a potentially different Fixed Cost for each additive solution utilized in the TPN Order.

Regional Options

As the TPN Manager Software is expected to be used in different geographical areas, there becomes a need to allow the user to select the units associated with various TPN Manager Software functions.  This screen allows you to select or enter your preferences for the display and printing of dates, times, and currency.  These functions, and their default values, are the following:

Currency Characte:r$
Date Format:m d y
Date Separator Character:/
Time Format:AM/PM
Time Separator Character::
Allowed bar code formatsGTIN(NDC),NDC-10


The TPN Manager Software has been designed with the intent of providing the user with many tools required to maintain a secure patient database system.  A key part of system security is ensuring that unauthorized uses do not have access to the system.  As such, in those cases where authorized users have forgotten to sign off the system when they have stepped away from the terminal, the TPN Manager Software can automatically sign them off after a specified amount of time has passed with no user activity.  This screen is used to enter or change the system automatic timeout security setting.  The user can select from a list of User Session Timeout periods or can enter their own custom value.  It is recommended that this period be made as short as possible without causing unexpected automatic timeout sign offs.

External Orders Link

All TPN order activities begin with the entry of patient information.  When used in conjunction with optional third party software systems, patient and information may be imported into the TPN Manager Software from those systems.  In addition, the external third party software system can be notified when each TPN order is completed.  The TPN Manager Software Information Management System has been designed for connectivity to other third party order entry systems.  The method by which these systems can be connected are a function of many technical issues.  In all cases, they involve the "bridging" of the technologies so that the systems can be used as one, with the preferred elimination of double order entry and manual compounder programming.  The design objective of this system configuration is to significantly reduce the possibility of medication errors.

This screen is used to enter or change the External Order Interface configuration information.  It is strongly recommended that any changes to this screen be performed by an individual knowledgeable about interfacing software products.  Establishing an interface to an external administrative system usually requires information systems department assistance.

Archive & Prune

Not a setup function.  As the TPN Manager Software program is utilized, the system will automatically begin to create a history of activity for administration reporting purposes.  Over time, this database will continue to grow.  As a result, for those instances where it is desired to begin to archive or delete old data, the Archive & Prune function has been created to assist with this purpose.  Information in the database can be exported and/or pruned (deleted) using this screen.  All exported data will be in CSV (comma separated variable) format.


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