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Scheduling Queues

Each TPN order is scheduled for compounding in a schedule queue.  Queues are simply electronic labeled / organized holding bins for the orders to be compounded.  Queues can be set up for repeating orders, long term standing orders, patients, patient types, facilities, physicians, work shift, or any arbitrary dividing point for your orders.   The queues are initially shipped from the factory labeled by the letters "A,B,C,D".  However, they can be renamed or new/additional queues created using any title you, the User would like to use.  Even if you do not need a dividing point for your orders, all orders will still be part of a queue, namely queue A if you do not designate any other letter.

Orders can be looked up, processed and managed by their queue. In order to put an order into a queue, first search for the order using the patients link or the Quick Search button at the top of the screen.  Click on the order number to bring up the order entry screen.  At the bottom of the order entry screen is a schedule queue assignment dropdown box.  Choose the desired Queue name.  Save the order and the new queue letter will be applied.

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