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TPN Manager Software Reports

The TPN Manager Software System has five categories of automated reports:

  • TPN order activity
  • Compounder Activity
  • Solution Usage
  • Patient
  • History

Reports are available to authorized personnel only.

The reports are generated automatically after you click on the link of the heading for the report you would like to make, and fill out the criteria with dates, id's and other parameters.  Cumulative reports of all the data in the database is available when you create the report without putting any parameters into the boxes supplied.

The reports are generated on your screen when you click the "Submit Choices" button.  After you have viewed your report you can either "Display in a format suitable for printing" which will gather all the information from your report into a format that will print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, or "Download this report as a PDF file" which will allow creation of the report as a PDF document which can be saved, printed, emailed etc.

The TPN Order Activity Reports include:

TPN Order Activity Report - Lists TPN order history events, such as editing a TPN order, authorizing a TPN order, compounding a TPN order, etc.

TPN Order Status Report - Lists current TPN orders and their status in the system.

The Compounder Activity reports include:

Compounder Event Report - Lists the compounder "checklist" events.

Compounding Activity Report - Lists the TPN order compounding activity details.

The Solution Usage reports include:

TPN Solution Usage Report - List the base solution usage by solution name and by lot identification.  Usage reports will list the base solution name and volumes used within the time period specified.

TPN Solution Lot Usage Report - Lot usage reports are for tracking the base solution to a particular lot number and Patient Order.

The Patient reports include:

TPN Requested/Actual Report - Lists compounding orders, by patient, and the actual compounded amounts for the orders.

TPN Product Assessment Report - Lists nutritional assessments, by patient.

TPN Patient Type Report - A summary listing of the compounding totals by patient type.

The History Log reports contain system events.  Events are things like sign-on, sign-off, weight scale calibration, compounding, changing system settings, accessing or editing information (including patient and TPN order information, base solutions, additives, library formulas, final containers, personnel records, etc.), and security (invalid logon) attempts.  The History Log contains a limited amount of information about each event; often more information about a particular event may be found in the other reports.

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