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TPN Order Entry

To enter a new TPN order, start by selecting a patient.  At the individual patient's screen you can access existing TPN orders or create new TPN orders.  Select a patient by either clicking the "Patients" link in the Navigation bar on the left; typing in all or part of the patient name, patient number, or order number in the "Quick Search" box at the top of the screen; or typing in all or part of the patient name or patient number in the "My Patients" box at the home screen.  All search buttons in the system allow the use of an asterisk [*] in a search to act as a wildcard.

Once the patient is found, click the patient's name/number to take you to the Patient's Main Screen.

From the Patient's Main Screen you can enter a new TPN order or access an existing order.

Once an order is entered, you can save it and submit it for pharmacist approval.  This order is now in the "Open" status, meaning that it is open for authorized review/changes.

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