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Your Sign On Account

Your sign on account is your personal access and identification for the PINNACLE™ system components.  These components include the PINNACLE™ TPN Manager Software and the PINNACLE™ Compounder Control Panel, each of which you may have access to based on the authority settings for your account.

To sign onto the TPN Manager Software, enter your Sign On Name and Password.

After you have signed on, your personal account information can be accessed by clicking on the "operator" link in the upper left corner of the TPN Data Entry System screen.  You can use this link to change your personal information, such as your password.

To sign on to the Compounder Control Panel, scan your ID badge barcode or enter your badge ID number.  Your badge ID number is your password to the Compounder Control Panel.  If you write it down, be sure to keep it in a safe place.

Sign-on accounts are managed by your System Administrator.  If you forget your password, need a Compounder Control Panel ID badge, or have other account related problems, please contact your System Administrator.

Tip:  You should never tell anyone your sign-on password or your Badge ID number.  If you suspect someone else knows your sign-on password or Badge ID number, you should change it immediately.

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