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TPN Container Label

TPN Container Label Description

The TPN Container Label is the label for the TPN final container.  The Container Label may be continued to two or more physical labels, if necessary, to print all of the information for the order.  The Container Label is always printed for a TPN order.

TPN Container Label Contents

Label Element DescriptionPrint Control Option
Patient Identification BarcodeNone - Always Printed
Facility Name & Address or Banner graphicConfigurable Banner Graphic
Patient PhotographPatient Photograph Yes/No checkbox
Patient NameNone - Always Printed
Patient IDNone - Always Printed
Patient LocationNone - Always Printed
Patient Address or LocationPatient Address Yes/No checkbox
Dosing WeightPatient Weight Yes/No checkbox & Kg/Lb option choice
Order #Order ID Yes/No checkbox
PhysicianPhysician Name Yes/No checkbox
Facility Order Number
(this order number is only available when the order is from the External Order Interface)
Facility Order Number/ID Yes/No checkbox
Billing CodeBilling Code Yes/No checkbox
(the Facility Order Number overrides this setting if it is printed)
Bag ID #None - Always Printed
Delivery TimeNone - Always Printed
Infusion RateNone - Always Printed
Infusion PeriodNone - Always Printed
Infusion VolumeNone - Always Printed
Administration RouteNone - Always Printed
Ordered Base SolutionsNone - Always Printed
Ordered Additive SolutionsAdditive Solutions option choice (see Note 1)
Anion/Cation ContentElectrolyte Summary Includes Base Components Yes/No checkbox (see Note 1)
This solution contains # gm/Liter Total Amino Acids.None - Always Printed
The Total Amino Acids Contain # % Branched Chain Amino Acids.None - Always Printed
Aluminum ContentNone - Optionally printed if there is any to report
Ordered (infusion) VolumeNone - Always Printed
Overfill VolumeNone - Always Printed
Compounded Volume (net bag contents)None - Always Printed
Prepared By & Prepared TimeDate & Time of Preparation option choice
Container NotesNotes on Container Label Yes/No checkbox
I.V. Pump Programming BarcodeIV Pump Programming Barcode Yes/No checkbox
I.V. PumpNone - None - Printed if specified in order
I.V. Taper InstructionsNone - Printed if specified in order
Hung By______ at ______None - Always Printed
ExpirationPreparation & Expiration option choices
Piggyback Indicator if ApplicableNone - Always Printed

Note 1: The ordered additives may be printed on the container label in two different formats by selecting the appropriate radio button in the Additive Solutions area:

  1. "List All Additives" - Lists all the ordered additives individually.  No anion/cation summary is printed.
  2. "Anions/Cations Summary & Other Additives" - Prints an anion/cation summary, and individually lists any other additives that don't contribute to the anion/cation totals.  The anion/cation summary will include contributions from base solutions if the "Electrolyte Summary Include Base Components" check box is selected.

For information about other TPN label types, see:  TPN Worksheet Label,   Piggyback Label,   Nutritional Label

See also:  Print Settings Screen,   Patient Type Print Settings Screen

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